The Dixon's Best Friend. [Daryl Dixon Fanfiction.]

The Dixon's Best Friend. [Daryl Dixon Fanfiction.]

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Daryl and Athena had been best friends since they were eleven years old. 

Daryl had been Athena's escape from hell that she called home. 

Being that kind of friend to someone; the person they run to when their mother has brought someone home and they tried something on you, the person they run to when their mother is drunk and not even questioning who she's about to hit, the person they run to when they're being picked on in school, the person they run to when they need a shoulder to cry on. That kind of friend could never leave.

Until one day, he does. 

Athena's life unravels around her as her best friend and his big brother Merle send her off on a roller coaster of chaos. A roller coaster that takes her to the highest of buildings in New York, to the dirtiest of cells in America, from a plastic chair in the police station to a pew in a church, from school to buses traveling half the country and back.

Athena has the weight of the world resting on her shoulders, but will  she keep fighting, for her life, for that measly bit of hope she still has, for her best friends, for the one she truly loves or will she call it quits because God won't lighten the load or give her broader shoulders. 

But then again, who needs God when you have Daryl Dixon.


mature due to smut and softcore violence.
(please dont read if you'd be uncomfortable with that)

stick with me through the start it gets better:)

there was once a sequel to this but i deleted it bc i hated it.

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Lissium Lissium Jun 19, 2016
They should shoot the walking dead in Elijah they haven't done it here yet I think
irishgirl333 irishgirl333 Oct 22, 2015
I love pre apocalypse Daryl and Merle. I'm so excited already