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Daughter of Light

Daughter of Light

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Vi Rodriguez By Vireen Completed

"You, my dear, are a demigod." She said.
  "Excuse me, what?" Her granddaughter asked.
  "You're one of a kind, dear."
  ~ΔΟΛ~ ΔΟΛ~ ΔΟΛ~ 
  Clover Beckert wasn't exactly living the best life. Yeah, she was studying in a private boarding school. But she didn't know any relative of hers much less her parents. Being abused, dyslexic and looking like a complete nerd didn't make it any better.
  But her life was changed when she knew who she was.

MareoftheMist MareoftheMist May 17, 2016
This was really cool! However, you kinda kept switching points of views (third person, second, first)
_seras _seras Jan 31, 2015
Merilda, more like Merbitchrilda. Ha ha ha ha ha. She is such a witch— whoops, I meant bïtch. Byeeeeeeeeeeee. And great writing, Vi ;) 
                              PS: Now I can reread DOL since I finally finished HoO. YAS.
mikhaelaafalls mikhaelaafalls Apr 12, 2014
@Vireen what's my name? AND MAKE ME PSYCHIC OR I'LL KILL YOU. Lol, jk
DirectionerDemigod DirectionerDemigod Apr 12, 2014
Akala ko Ash lang ang name niya >:( 
                              Oh, I cant wait for chpt.2
- - Apr 12, 2014
Bad Merilda. She deserves the squirty squirts! And by the time you include me, Vireen, don't give me two faces.
mikhaelaafalls mikhaelaafalls Apr 11, 2014
It's still good ;) I think Ash has a thing for Clover.... wait, Clover is the Daughter Of Light right?