Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infected (Book 1 Complete)

Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infected (Book 1 Complete)

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#1 on Pandemic, #2 Scifi Hot List, 1st for Scifi in Hidden Gems, Dizzy and Rebellion Awards.
   "I might have just procrastinated myself to death." 
As a psychologist, Skye Jackson has helped many people overcome problems in their lives, but when a virus takes over the world, it is her that needs help.  A run-in with two brothers from the forest on her way to save a young boy may just be her key to survival, if they can outrun the Infected and overcome their own haunted pasts.

Growing up in a loving, comfortable home, Sky is totally unprepared for what is about to hit the world. High heels, fingernails, and lattes seem to be her big concern other than her work. At work, she is all heart, helping children of abused homes, like Jesse, to turn their lives around. Trying to make a difference in the world and watching the world end are two different things, and while Skye excitedly takes on the first, she refuses to see the end of the world for what it is. Now she is on the run, from the strong as well as the Infected.

Dylan is as opposite to Skye as can be. He and his brother, Wade, are more ready for the devastation then they should be. Raised in an unstable, abusive home, the men have skills that will keep them alive during the mass annihilation.

When the four meet, they group for survival. Things that were taken for granted are now a struggle for Skye, and she must deal with an entirely new way of living.  Old torment and new trama cause them anguish, and all the while, they must escape the never-ending Infected.

Book 1 is complete. Book 2 is ongoing. Updates twice a week.
  Cover made by me. :)

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KianaBerkman KianaBerkman Dec 30, 2017
as have been sick like a dog myself... this scenario is scary
JohnAnraad JohnAnraad Jan 05
Nice, intro it creates a pretty terrifying platform that assume this book will have. Let the have begin! :) #BGBC
                              Powerful introduction to the book! It was strangely scary. I like the idea, I can picture it as a movie in my head
ooooooohhhh cuss, we're using real diseases. let me just uycdhmdnchtbrsxtd and add this to my list of things that can actually happen in the future
 #bcbg The introduction is quite compelling. It reads like quotations from the sites you used, but I think that fits perfectly with the sci fi genre. That said, the straightforward voice of the narration is completely fitting. I like that you're planting ideas in the reader's head from start.
Looking forward to reading this story . Are you sure you're not telling the tale if this years deadly flu? LOL