Exquisite Love Affair

Exquisite Love Affair

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"You know what's good on the menu," I said looking across the table at her, smirking telling her this corny joke. "Me-n-u baby!" 

Saying that really loud so, that whoever was around us heard and started staring at us.
"You know what's not good is your non-funny jokes that you've been repeating since we've been on the road." She said while rolling her eyes.                                      

Oscar and Valerie have always been friends. Obliviously Oscar, hadn't know that there was some explosive chemistry between Valerie and himself. For Valerie, everything wasn't always the same --  their friendship might not be as strong as it seems to be. Do they fall for each other or rather fall apart?

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Previously known as "Mr. Know It All and I" & undergoing editing!

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Hi I am really interested in this book and would love to edit it. ❤️
AquaJo AquaJo Jul 21, 2015
This is the story that I'll edit. However, I can edit any other stories if you prefer that.
EmilieShark EmilieShark Feb 17, 2014
@jais_thongs Hi, thank you for your comment, I apologize for not responding sooner. In reply to your comment and the part where you highlighted. That is not the girl, (Perecyln) point of view, that's Oscars. I'm sorry for the confusion, hoped this help.
EmilieShark EmilieShark Feb 07, 2014
Thanks and what's confusing? This is the teaser, the chapters are already released.(: Keep reading on it'll clear the confusion but if you have any questions, I'll be gladly sure to respond. @Lizz96
RealityCheck101 RealityCheck101 Jan 25, 2014
They're so feisty!!!! Very hard to do a story in a boy's POV so good lucky on it!! You're doing pretty well so far. :)
RealityCheck101 RealityCheck101 Jan 25, 2014
Oooooo that fight got heated and now I want to know why!!!!! That's a pretty darn good written fight if I do say so myself. I like the usage of big words hehehe 
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