The Adventures Of The RainbowRockets!

The Adventures Of The RainbowRockets!

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Popcorn Queen👑 By TheOfficialLeafy Updated Sep 17, 2017

(At least #30 in adventure!) 

Hello! And welcome to our book called The Adventures of the RainbowRockets! 🌈🚀

Maybe just random.😋
Maybe surprising.🤗 
Maybe Weird.😛
Maybe so awesome.😎 
Maybe Romantic!😍

As you know, The Objects that are in our group is: 
and Rocky🗿!

That's right! The colors of the Rainbow!🌈 

Story cover: @TheOfficialYuubi

This will also be about meetings, and more! 

At least #10 in CoinPin

At Least #10 in Fireafy

At Least #10 in Bfdi 

❤ Have a great day! #BestBuddies And #RainbowRocket fans! ❤

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FionaTheEdgelord FionaTheEdgelord Nov 18, 2017
Can I make a texting story about this and post it to YouTube! PLEASEEEEEE?
MimitosLNE MimitosLNE Sep 17, 2017
I got a comic Goin called: The Adventures of Pink Stick Figure and Sprinkle Jar. Cringe.
Nice4444 Nice4444 Oct 26, 2017
I don't care what I got as long as we won, that's what leafy saying using other words XD
Xx-Pastalaxy-xX Xx-Pastalaxy-xX Jul 15, 2017
I'm so happy! I'm about to go hyper! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *dies*