The Extraordinary Girl (Doctor Who FanFic)

The Extraordinary Girl (Doctor Who FanFic)

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Liz Hope By ScarletMelody Updated Jul 12, 2016

Elizabeth. an orphan for her whole life.

 A Doctor. who would visit her every couple of years, and every night in her dreams since as soon as she first saw him. 

When she first met him she accidentally did something she cant reverse, and it costs her a normal life, but her life was never really normal in the first place.

Later in life when she again meets the doctor after many years, but he doesn't recognize her, so she hides her identity and secrets and uses the name Elijah.

 When hiding who she is becomes harder, as her and the doctor have wonderful adventures and slowly she finds out who she is and what happened to her through him.
But what will the doctor do when he finds out her secret?

Note: some things will be inaccurate with the actual Doctors timeline in the show, just go with it. I promise ill make up for it by writing a good story.

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Mika-the-Creator Mika-the-Creator May 06, 2017
Okay if I was a child just now witnessing this...this is the moment you run home and pretend nothing happened
ThoughtsFromAPen ThoughtsFromAPen Mar 19, 2017
I look just like that but my hair is more knotted than curled and a (Gerard) way darker red
TonvinWriterSenpai TonvinWriterSenpai Dec 26, 2017
How you can It's written by an American-  "Chips" vS. Crisps
coolgirl257 coolgirl257 Feb 28, 2017
I have two heart's. Unless there is a new mutation or something that I should know about, I don't think that I am human.
emmyseow emmyseow Dec 12, 2016
I like this book very much though I keep forgetting to vote I'll try to get back to that later
Mitherfullfefja Mitherfullfefja Sep 14, 2016
"no your brown." "I'm never ginger. Now I'm rude and not ginger!"