The Unordinary Life of the Enchantress

The Unordinary Life of the Enchantress

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Eil By AK-Babar Updated Mar 31

"I swear on the life of my men, that I will never fall back on my word to bring down this worker of mischief- and bring down this inhumane creature!" The new king preached.

The Enchantress has lived in her manor long enough to see the settlement and depletion of many mortal towns, so she isn't surprised when another collective of civilians claim the land near her for themselves. Calling themselves the 'New Mortals', the people seem set on making the Enchantress's life an ongoing misery. She uses her knowledge of the world and its elements to keep intruders away from her home, however, when the newly-elected leader of the settlement promises her demise and a boy claiming to be a researcher makes himself her apprentice, her life deters from its usual path and becomes a constant hassle as she tries all she can to return to a peaceful existence.

☆1st Place in the Plum Awards for Adventure (2018)
☆ 2nd Runner-Up in the Literally Lit awards for Adventure (2018)
☆2nd Place in the Chaos Awards for Adventure (2018)
☆4th Place in the Flavoured Awards for Adventure (2018)

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