Horses, Horses, and more.. Boys?

Horses, Horses, and more.. Boys?

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My life revolved around horses. Horses where my world. While other girls had boys and expensive clothes, I had horses and stable boots. I guess you'll be wanting to know my name. My name is Jessie. I'm 16 and live in Wyoming. We owned 3 dogs, a cat, a chinchilla, and a Ball Python. 

Our dogs names are Chevy, Splash, and Rain. Chevy is a German Shepherd, Splash is a Golden retriever, and Rain is a Rottweiler. 

The cats name is Mandy, the Chinchillas name is Coconut, and the ball pythons name was Henry. 

Now I know what your thinking. god she's running a zoo. But I have three brothers. My brother Garret owned Henry, the snake, My brother Jason owned Rain, My brother Eric owned Mandy, and Chevy and Splash where mine. I had always wanted a horse though. 

My mom and Dad said if when we moved, there was a barn I could get some horses. I wanted a Tennessee walker and a Missouri Fox Trotter. 

We where moving in two weeks and I was gonna have to leave my friends behind. I was still going t...

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I  ride a Arabian in Liverpool l. Her name is Midnight Mahesty and she is a bit fussy😂
I have 7, dogs 6 horses, 1 cat, 400 cattle, 1 budgie, 4 ducks, 10 chooks and 12 pigeons
im_asleep im_asleep Jul 21
You all that have horses are lucky. I sit here  and when my mom says she has a surprise for me and I'm like "you got me a horse?" Well turns out it's usually a piece of clothing that I would never put on
TaylinEngle TaylinEngle Mar 08, 2016
I have 3 perchron drafts, 2 miniture horses, 3 dogs, and a lot of barn mice and cats
horsegurl05 horsegurl05 Feb 29, 2016
Um I have two dogs, a fish, and a pony but we are going to get a miniature donkey, miniature horse and three more horses. We might even get some chickens and goats lol
ash1ynn13 ash1ynn13 Mar 12, 2016
I had a hedgehog, had 3 dogs ( only 1 now), had 5 cats ( now I have 3 but 2 of them are pregnant ), and I practically owned my neighbours horses (3) (bandit, it died of old age, tornodo and hickory, they moved with their owners)