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Shaunessy Cook By ShaunessyCook Completed

Snape finds an abused Harry outside his home one night and everything changes.

Hattersgirl6478 Hattersgirl6478 Dec 04, 2016
I really love reading stories where dumbulfuçk is a bad guy and the malfoys and snape are good
ReynicoSanubis ReynicoSanubis Dec 03, 2016
Fics with good Malfoys are the best. It is nice to see a change in their personality, especially Lucius. The softer side makes them seem more appealing as a character
fleo1994 fleo1994 Jan 15
What is happening in the world. Lucius hugged a muggleborn!!
littleelf77 littleelf77 Jan 26
I love the part where lucius acts all innocent after giving harry the chocolate.And then when he blames severus. so cute!
UohUzamaki UohUzamaki Jan 24
I love that Lucius doesn't ask why Harry is there. He just asks why he is there win that condition.
Greta_Cat Greta_Cat Dec 08, 2016
This is too sweet! The only disclaimer is that something about the way that this is written seems American. Like calling his son "pal" and such, isn't something British citizens commonly use in their everyday speech. But I think this story is turning out awesome!