Rell and The Rose

Rell and The Rose

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H.J. Nelson By hjnelson Completed

Rell grew up hearing stories of the Human Realm, a fantastic world with metal birds that carried people through the air, light at the flick of a finger, and metal boxes that let you talk to anyone, anywhere. But to Rell, the real magic of the Human Realm was that you could be whoever you wanted to be- unlike the Dark Realm, where she would always be a Beastslayer, and would never be good enough to love the Dark Prince.

But then the Queen returns from a secret quest, her life in danger, and the very existence of the Dark Realm is threatened. The Dark Prince and his courtiers begin a frantic search of the Dark Realm for the mysterious Blood Rose, the one thing that will save them all. But only Rell knows the truth. The Blood Rose has been stolen and taken to the Human Realm. She makes a bargain to come to the Human Realm and enrolls in the local high school. But the house where she works is ruled by a young Master hiding dark secrets of his own and she soon finds the price to find a single rose may be higher than she possibly imagined. Still, Rell has survived the dark world, befriended dragons and monstrous creatures, and loved the prince of darkness...

How difficult could finding a single rose and surviving high school be?

-A story of beauty, love, and a beast.-