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Guardian Angel The Undertaker's Apprentice [Black Butler]

Guardian Angel The Undertaker's Apprentice [Black Butler]

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spooky_kidds By spooky_kidds Updated Jan 01

Guardian Angel The Undertaker's Apprentice [Black Butler] A young girl about 5 years old lives on the streets, is struggling for life & has a harsh time feeding herself. Sabrina's parents both died on a boat. An assassin shot them both down nearly half a year ago. Lots of older children are constantly picking on her & beating her up because of her torn up cloths. Another reason is that she likes dead things & anything creepy. The other children would do anything to make Sabrina's already hard life even worse. That all changed when a certain Undertaker took her into his funeral parlor & decided to raise her & make her his apprentice. After living with The Undertaker, Sabrina grew up to be just like him, crazy & odd. However, she also grew up wanting nothing but revenge on the assassin who murdered her parents. Do you think she'll ever get her revenge? Who killed Sabrina's parents?

janice312014 janice312014 Apr 10, 2016
Love this book already.
                              And I liked the last question! Made me laugh and nearly wake up my parents.
- - Aug 01, 2016
Great book, but I have one thing to say.
                              "UNDERTAKER'S" NAME IS ADRIEN.
                              HE HAS A NAME. (xD)
- - Aug 01, 2016
"carries around a dead rat with her like some sort of teddy bear"
                              love this book already
                              no sarcasm
Crazy_machiko Crazy_machiko Aug 04, 2016
You tucked her in.  In a coffin (•ิ_•ิ)?       Hu okaaaay
shesafake shesafake Jun 26, 2016
you take things so hard, then you fall apart. you tried to explain, but before you can start. Those crybaby tears come out of the dark.
Yuki-Kuron14 Yuki-Kuron14 Mar 05, 2016
Aաաա tɦɨs ɮօօҡ ʝʊst ʍɛʟts ʍʏ ɦɛaʀt...I աօռɖɛʀ աɦat ɦaքքɛռs աɦɛռ sɦɛ ʍɛɛts ciel