Blood and Honey (Book One + Prequel)

Blood and Honey (Book One + Prequel)

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A lion does not need an invitation from a lamb. That is not the way of the predator. Predators take what they want, when they want it, however they please. And this belief that I am, that evil is, enslaved by the dark night is humorous to say the least. Why would any creator make his pupil inept of withstanding the lighted world when this planet is covered in daylight for half of its life span? No, my creator did not instill such restrictions. He freely gave my kind and I power beyond measure. 

There is only one rule that my kind must follow--Bite Hard. It is forbidden for humans to know we exist so you can imagine my surprise when I find one that knows what I am. I can tell by the tremble of her body, the thump-thump of her pulse, and her dilated pupils. I'm going to have to finish what someone else started. There is just one problem. When I get close to this human, my blood turns to fire and that thirst that burns in my throat that should spell her doom twists until I am consumed by another need--one that is evocative, primitive, and...wrong. Lions eat lambs. They are not supposed to want to bed them. It should have been the kiss of death the moment my lips landed on hers, instead it started a war. 

If I want to have her, I'll have to break the rules. And if I want to keep her, I'll have to protect her from my kind. I'm about to bite hard, just not in the way my creator intended.

Author note: 
- This is an original work with my take on Vampires. Hope you enjoy it!
**Only the Prologue and Ch1-5 and the bonus book are available publicly. The rest of the book has been set to private. 
*** Only book one has been completed. The prequel is still in the works ; ) 

- Wattpad Featured story 9/20/17
- Highest Ranks in Vampire #3 10/27/17

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sun_rise2 sun_rise2 4 days ago
Love the meme before I even start the book. Lafayette was the bomb
My friend @Bitterschwerter recommended this and she told me how many feels she got. And honestly I am so excited to read this and I will probably comment a lot so you better reply. 😂
I came here from sickly sweet and so...😂Book seems awesome😁😁😁😁
Heart ripping? Yes I don't go for cuddly I want evil cruel and nick Bateman hit
Went into the vampire genre and this was the only one that really intrigued me
Wow...I'm so excited that it's going to be in his POV😃😃😃