Bleeding Poetry

Bleeding Poetry

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Anusmita By _dark_poetess_ Updated Feb 26

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It's okay to feel. It's okay to shut the bathroom door and bawl in front of your mirror about the little things that other people have no idea that you're upset about.
It's okay if you tell other people that you're fine when they ask, because you want to appear strong. It's okay if the spaces behind your eyes stings, if your head is pounding with pain from all of the tears you've been shedding. Remember, you're not stupid for crying over a boy or a girl or a friend or a job or a television show. Your feelings are valid. You are valid. It's okay that you have emotions. It's okay. Right now, it might not feel like it is, but it will be.

And trust me everything is going to be okay. ❤

Wattpad has millions of wonderful books written by beautiful souls globally and you're here reading this book so I feel honoured. Thank you so much for choosing to read this book. Do not forget to drop a note if this book made you smile in the message board or the comment section. ♥

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luhveli luhveli Feb 17
Ugh, this is so beautiful. I wish I could be on level of emotional description.
There are alot of us out there.
                              And not to many people care, i thank you for taking your time and effort to make this beautiful book of poetry.
Short but powerful, I like it and relatable for those of us who are seen by rarely heard
Your reasoning for beginning this poetry book is honestly so beautiful and pure; you're going to help so many people and I just want to thank you now.
CynkNapp CynkNapp Dec 28, 2017
did you mean "fail to say"? it might be "failed to say"?  I do not want to step on your words, if you have the way you want it to be.
Thats such a beautiful and awesome reason, and your poetry does it justice dear dear :D xx