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Before proceeding to the story...

Before you read my story please be informed that this story is part of the series called 'The BLISH Tales' This is part of the series together with Harkins Academy, Being Nasty, I Don't Like Old Guys and Sex Slave.

The stories in the series don't depend on each other so you can read it in any possible order that you like. The stories are all connected though you would still understand the plot without reading the others.

Though I would suggest for you to read the other stories for entertainment. 

This is one of my first stories (second story to be exact) and I've improved as time went by. The first few chapters will escalate quickly especially the first chapter of this one. The improvement of my writing will show in the later chapters. 

I want to be the first one to say this and I just want to repeat, the first few chapters will escalate quickly but the story would be in normal phase in the later chapters. I've improved my writing skills and as ...

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Does she not realize after you have sëx with a guy in high school they go back a tell their friends and call you a höe even though the guy is one too
Well she already getting licked out by her roommate n she aint evn been there for 24 hrs, so yh. Shoot ur shot
Did he need p u s s y so bad that he had to fukc the first girl he saw like damn
*cuts all hair off* dammit the last book said short hair was he bomb ffs
Bruh.... How about a girl on her period?! It will be a massacre
Lmao did ur parents want you all to have sex with each other then