Hua Aira

Hua Aira

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PricklyLotus By PricklyLotus Updated Sep 08, 2018

"All hail the mighty Woman of Blood!"
People worshipped her, loved her, and feared the girl who was just 16 when she became Empress.
But underneath the mask she wears is a completely different person. A person no one expects her to be. 

Hua Aira is but a normal teen girl who, besides royal duties, deals with what every girl of her age faces; feelings.

With the late Emperor's few last gifts having a personal bodyguard as one of them, Aira is yet to discover her real destiny. Why her Father trained her ridiculously hard and why he wants her to start war with the other three empires with this particular bodyguard and scholar he planned since Aira was born.

Find out next in this thrilling book!

Original story by PricklyLotus (July 9, 2017)