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▪ Book #1 in the Black series.

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He caught my wrist harshly as he wasn't off guard now, he grabbed my arm with the other hand as he dragged me towards the end of the hall.

"What are- don't you dare!" I tried to fight back as he opened the janitors closet, he pushed me harshly inside.
My back collided with the broom, I stood up quickly as I saw him close the door from the other side.

He's going to lock me in!

"NO! OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!" I pushed at the doorknob, panicking. But my attempts were destroyed as I heard the lock click.

I banged on the door harshly as I heard his footsteps fade away, even further from the other side.



He didn't remove his gaze, his eyes only held night, so Black you can't see any faint color in it, the more you tried to stand up to him, the more intimidated you get.

Adam was never the type of person you would grow courage against, Adam is a person whom you look into his black eyes reflecting your feelings, intimidation, insecurity, horror, and weakness.

That's why alot of people tend to not look him in the eye, he showed them only their flaws.


Having her mother dying two years ago,

Rose has been a lonely child since then, self dependant and isolated. The only thing that kept her through her cruel life and the tolerance for her abusive care taker mary is that simply,

She has no where else to go.

Having no money, and no support, the school's scolarship came to her like a Gift she couldn't ask for, so she blindly went with it.

Not knowing the consequences.

And that's when her mouth leads her to anger the worst person possible, 

Adam Black.

Rose's life is about to turn upside down.

And a past thats chasing right after her heels.

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