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Pauline Creeden By PaulineCreeden Updated Jan 11, 2014

First Published by Free Flash Fiction in 2012

The tack struggled as I yanked it and pulled the first photo from the drywall. I pushed a tendril of my long hair back and looked at the black and white still of a woman sitting on a park bench, reading a book. The woman and bench sat in focus while the woods to her left and the cityscape behind her were fuzzy but discernable. I appreciated how the shot had been taken as she reached to leaf one of the pages, and I swore that I'd seen the picture move.

The woman in the photo was unexceptional, not thin, not fat, plain. She seemed like the girl next door you wouldn't notice, wouldn't have a crush on. But he noticed her. I scanned the wall of tacked photos and found several more pictures of the same woman.

Photos of her at the park feeding birds, eating a sandwich, and looking at the clouds covered a section of the loft's wall. The chemical smell of the film wafted faintly from the photos as I detached each one and placed it in the trash ba...

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