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Louisse By fallenbabybubu Completed

They live on the same floor. They attend the same luxurious school. They have the same friends. They couldn't stand each other. And just when she thought she could get away from him, they end up being on the same band.

Could life get any more worse?

Oh, that's right. He, the coldest arrogant jerk, is also the most handsome guy she had ever set eyes on. That's definitely saying something, living on the Upper East Side.

Now, she faces her biggest problem of all.

Differentiating LOVE from HATE.


Realize is copyrighted.

**I guess you could say this is Gossip Girl in rainbow land, without all the drama and scandal. Only humorous and fun.**

FlowerOfCamelis FlowerOfCamelis 4 days ago
And I lost all serious. Now, whenever I read that name, the little red mushroom from Mario would pop in my head. Oh gosh...
Makes you feel butterflies.
                              Makes you feel that you've been torn apart.
                              Probably both at the same time.
FlowerOfCamelis FlowerOfCamelis 4 days ago
HA, YES. Because, you know, I'm already married to food. Should I wear a white or red dress?
Is it okay if I imagine the characters as Maine and Alden in Aldub? I just love them and every story I read, I just can't help but imagine them as the leading lady and leading man.
FlowerOfCamelis FlowerOfCamelis 4 days ago
You know you love me. Xox...
                              FVCK THAT SHYT, WHERE ARE YOU GOSSIP GIRL??
PrttyLaine PrttyLaine Aug 13
I just thought its tagalog haha but really this is so AMAZING hahaha