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Blood Lust (BoyxBoy-Yaoi)

Blood Lust (BoyxBoy-Yaoi)

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-`ღ´- Ⓡⓘⓝ -`ღ´- By BobaHeaven Completed

"Shut your mouth and turn your fucking neck to the side." he ordered all of the sudden. The chill and the hardness of his voice resonated my spine as I gritted my teeth, caged in between the side of the wall and his arm. "C'mon puppy, I don't have all day." he bellowed impatiently. I refuse to do as he says, but the glare he was giving me commanded my body to follow his instruction. I hesitated to move, but before I could react, his pale hand grabbed my jaw and jerked my head to the side. I felt the skin of my neck being exposed. Every second passed and I could feel his icy breath brushing against my skin. "Smells. . .delicious. . ." he said, licking his lips; I blushed immediately and all of a sudden, I felt piercing pain vibrating throughout my body and a tingle of heat.   I could feel his sharp teeth sinking into my neck, sucking the blood out."
My parents died when I was young. I didn't know who the killer was. Stationed away to an academy, I suddenly became a control bait for the Vampire Species.  They all want my blood and they want my flesh and my corpse. But one of them claims me to be their property. He is scary and big as well as strong; I know I cannot compare to him. But it seems like he was in love with me.  Or is he love with my blood?

[ Note: I was heavily inspired by the manga: Kohitsuji Project written by Takenaka Sei-sensei. So there may be some similarities between this story and the book, but I try to make it as different as possible. Of course, all rights belong to Takenaka-Sensei. Hopefully you all may enjoy ;v; ]

Don't apologize. The more riled up the readers are at the characters the better the story is. Take pride in others' profanity
You are so kind for actually giving the proper credit. Thank u for doing that. It's nice to see some decency alive in this world.
LadybugMiraculous486 LadybugMiraculous486 Nov 07, 2016
BobaHeaven , I love your work. Keep it up 😍(:            (I especially love this book)