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The Blood-Stained Empress

The Blood-Stained Empress

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Dream By disappearwithoutlife Updated May 16

Li Mei Xing's life was every girl's dream. She was born from an influential family as the eldest legitimate daughter, fell in love with the Imperial Family's handsome 4th prince, and was set to become his empress. 
On the eve before her beloved future husband's coronation, however, she is ruthlessly killed by a group of hired assassins.  When Li Mei Xing opens her eyes once again, she finds that it is the morning of her death day. She is set on surviving through the night so that she can witness the 4th prince's coronation and wed the soon-to-be-emperor.

The truth is dangerous, though, and when Li Mei Xing realizes just who sent her to death the first time around, she is forced to run away from everything she's known.
From there, Li Mei Xing struggles to adapt to the outside world's dangers and hidden cruelty. The once timid and sheltered aristocrat must stain herself in blood to seize the throne and become the dynasty's sole ruler, Empress Li Mei Xing of the Xue Empire.

Note: Not a translation; this is an original story.

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