My Secrets (A Teen Titan Fanfic)

My Secrets (A Teen Titan Fanfic)

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Robin's heart sank when his parents died. Then yet one morning he woke up and saw his friends in his room seeing his horrified face. After all expect the unexpected. It is his Birthday. 

It all went down hill there. A series of days that secrets will be spilled. 

It all gets worse when a stranger comes and threaten the Teen Titans. A relative perhaps? Or a long lost friend? Or maybe... Someone like Robin?

Will he still have his sanity or will he be insane for the rest of his life ?

But most of all...

Will the ones that he love die or give up on him ?

There was darkness in the room. No one was there except me. I was hidden in the shadows. Ready for another kill. 

I hear footsteps to the right then to the left. I followed the sound. I saw him... My target, my next kill... Tony Zucco. I was waiting for this, years of searching and hunting.

"Hi Tony" I said in a sing song voice. I stepped out in the shadows. I was wearing a black jacket and black jeans and a red shirt. "Miss me?" I said with a insane grin.


Warning: this fanfic includes some death scenes and some of swearing and a bit of blood. 

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