My day with Nash Grier

My day with Nash Grier

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My alarm went off for the day as I groaned. I hit my phone so it would turn off. I got up and showered. I changed into jeans and Cali baseball tee since it was 80 degrees out here in LA. I threw on my chucks before grabbing my phone, keys and wallet.

I jetted down to the nearest Starbucks and got my usual before going out for a walk. I guess I wasn't looking and I bumped into someone.

I said I'm so sorry!

The  person said its fine don't worry about it.

My head shot up because I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

It was Nash Grier.

I said I'm so sorry once again.

Nash said its no worries. I'm Nash. What's your name, beautiful?

I said Dani.

Nash said so, Dani, what's a beautiful girl like you doing out on her own on this lovely LA day?

I giggled and said why, thank you for asking me. My friends are all working and I got the day off. What about you?

Nash said well, I just needed a day away from my friends. Would you like to join me?

I smiled and said sure.

We walked around the ...

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