Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) One shots (Closed)

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) One shots (Closed)

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Uchihababe3796 By Uchihababe3796 Completed

I figure that none of you will probably read this but i'll put this in here anyways!

I've recently begun watching/reading Aot/SnK again and I've fallen deep in LOVE with this series all over again!

So this is a collection of oneshots from the series. SOme of them may be AU but i will put it in the title incase someone has a problem with it.

ALSO! If anyone has any requests lemme know and I PROMISE that i'll do my best to go and get it done for ya ^_^

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CassySmith3 CassySmith3 Jul 16
Additional: To me oc
                              Age: same as every one
                              Gender: female
                              Hair: Straight-Ish Wavy Really long up to bum
                              Like: Eren Levi Erwin Armin
                              Part of da scouts and is very strong
You say ; no one will probably ever read this. 
                              I say: you have 1M views now darlin.
                              What are you looking at
                              You think I'm not going to pick one
Kira_Suoh Kira_Suoh Aug 04
Oc: Rima Yuki 
                              Hair color: Black
                              Eye color: Gold
                              Sin type: silky tan skin
                              Parents: none
                              Likes: Reiner somewhat training sleeping 
                              Dislikes: superior 
                              Friends: Annie, Berthold, Ymir, Krista
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: female
                              Crush: Reiner
CassySmith3 CassySmith3 Jul 16
Oc: Natalie Everdeen
                              Hair Color: White
                              Eye Color: Sea Green
                              Skin Type: Milky White Skin
                              Nail Color: Light Blue-ish Green
                              Parents: Avery Everdeen And Xavier Jetson
                              Likes: EVERYTHING
                              Dislikes: NOTHING 
                              Friends: Mikasa, Petra, Sasha, Horse Face
                              Dass it
anime-fluff anime-fluff Jul 11, 2015
I was going to request something but then I realized it was closed so I looked for another one and found a similar thing on a page called "izzydunn21" it doesn't look like anyone has requested an ything yet though. Feel free to check it out if your interested.