The Possessive Bad Boy

The Possessive Bad Boy

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RoseBushh By RoseBushh Updated May 17, 2015

*Chapter one*

The cliche is real. I never would have thought that what I have read in books and saw on movies would actually be real. You know when you first step into a new school and everybody suddenly turns to look at you and wonder; 'Oh who is the new girl'? That's what I feel right now but the thing is I'm not new. I've been here since my freshman year and I'm currently in my senior year. The point I'm making is I've made a new 'friend' over the weekend. Melissa. She's the true definition in beautiful. Straight strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, way more confidence than me, and the body of a model. Meaning that she is is fairly tall and I'm not. Average height of 5'3, brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and not so much confidence. 

Anyways back to the matter at hand. 

We are currently standing in the middle of a huge crowd that has gathered around us. And guess what Melissa is doing. Yup. You guessed it, soaking up all the attention that has been given to her. Did I mention that she wa...

Maimsmaima Maimsmaima Mar 28
But it is so hard nat to be a silent reader, because When I like a book, I just want to read until the end.😋
                              And I like your first chapter, so I think I am going to end up being an silent reader 😳💕
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads Oct 03, 2016
Can I just say I love this book already. 
                              I also love there little 'squad'
                              The Brainiac, Jamie. The Jock, Miles. And then Evie, the.. Good Girl? Sarcastic? Badàss? I have no idea yet I just love it thougj
darkfuckedupsoul darkfuckedupsoul Dec 24, 2016
i'm in love with with this story more than i am with my crush. LOL
tasha_loves_5sos_ tasha_loves_5sos_ Mar 03, 2016
Damn Colin back at it again with the annoyingness (Idc if that's not a word)
DementorXoXo DementorXoXo Jun 20, 2016
When life gives you lemons. In this case, life blessed her with a teacher
ScarlettRubyRed36 ScarlettRubyRed36 Jul 03, 2016
I think in our lifetime at least once you would meet a teacher like him