Lingering Sins

Lingering Sins

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#271 [13.07.2017]

"What about sins?" she asked me softly, her voice barely above a whisper. "What is your theory about them?"

"Sins are dangerous," I said, leaning in to caress her cheek. "They may be forgiven. They may be forgotten. But they always linger."


Who is more dangerous than a powerful man? A man striving to regain his lost power.

Who is more desperate than a slave? A slave on the run from her captor.

Who is more greedy than a man in lust? A man with blood lust.

When three worlds collide, each drastically different than the other, you have to be ready for the terrible consequences. With Arsen Sanders struggling to find power, Luna Rivera running from her past and Vincenzo Mortelli tasting defeat for the first time in his life, things are only about to turn worse.

The question is, who deserves what they would be getting?

Whose sins would weigh out the others?

Whose will be forgiven? Whose will be forgotten?

Whose sins would linger until the end?


This is the official spin-off for my other book, Talking Bodies. It is not necessary for you to read TB to read this book. Though some characters from TB might make an appearance here, I won't let it get confusing for my new readers.

Mature content. Readers discretion is advised (and expected.)

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                              LUNA IS A FREE ELF. MASTER GAVE HER SOCKS! LUNA IS A FREE ELF!
                              LUNA IS A FREE ELF. MASTER GAVE HER SOCKS! LUNA IS A FREE ELF!
Are we supposed to like this guy or something?? Where's our Arse !??
ohshxtitsove ohshxtitsove 7 days ago
this sounds like 50 shades, like exactly, but imma wait and see, i know you a good writer
DebieNatasya DebieNatasya a day ago
umhum... you can say that to me even if I dont understand a thing ok...sound so sexy...😂😂😂