The Art of Loving™ [Winner of A Written Stories Award]

The Art of Loving™ [Winner of A Written Stories Award]

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D. M. Drake By DawnMDrake Completed

[A broken piece of glass to some, discovers that she was a sparkling Diamond all along...]

The Carrington Series {Book 2} ~ Sheila Summers is an Art Gallery Assistant, who runs away from her Upper East Side, NYC upbringing as a Socialite.  She comes from a very wealthy family who always compared her to her stunning, and more successful sister.  Will Sheila ever appreciate her own beauty, and find success, acceptance, and love in her own life? With the help of the strikingly handsome, Brody Carrington, the Carrington's cousin, who moves to Dallas to work for Carrington Enterprises?  Will his love be enough to remove her deep emotional scars, and a hidden past? Find out in this Novella...

Cover @DawnMDrake  Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

⭐️ Winner of a Written Stories Award ~ 3rd Place ⭐️ Fall 2017

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