Our Life Story [On Hold]

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Mary♥ By 1DRauhls Updated 3 years ago
There once was a girl named Mary. She was pretty, short, and had long dark brown hair. She was in love with this boy, well boys and yet they don't even know she exists. Her dream is to someday meet these amazing boys and give them all a big hug and thank them for changing her life, and for making her happy and making her smile every single day. But for now dreams are dreams amd maybe someday her dreams will become a reality. And the names of these boys are Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. Also known as One Direction.
@1DRauhls better than when I first started! Haha I was rubbish.
Thanks for the dedication! Means a lot love, this is really good btw. Xxo ^_^
@1DRauhls  lol ok, i was gonna make one, but not anymore. I feel weird writing it -_-
@1DRauhls My first favorite was Harry, but then when I got to know more about one direction I saw I had a lot in common with Louis xD
I love one direction, BooBear (Louis) is my favorite! I love them, i have all their songs!