Descent Into Darkness

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Daniel Stevens By GhostNinja Updated 3 months ago
Phoenix has left his family, and is on a mission to rid the land of Demetrius' influence all by himself. The stone has taken him over almost completely, removing his conscience, and making him capable of horrible acts of violence, murder, and other atrocities. Can Ember, Lindani and Spedro save him before it's too late? Or will he cut a path across the land, leaving a trail of smoke and bodies in his wake?
It looks really promising. I'm a fantasy enthusiast in fact I write Fantasy story too. This one seems great. I mean just look at the numbers above! And it's # 40 in Fantasy
Half of the first page in and I was utterly hooked. Like, I don't think I can stop reading's breathtaking :D
That reminds me of the title card for season 4 of Supernatural
(Sighs) People can't we all be good little psychos and get along? Anyway, love the story... @ghostninja
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@GhostNinja MohammedShariif, the kid below this who called you a "stupid asshole", at least I think that's who. Would I be thinking correctly, @Hadangeki ?
Oh, could you shut it? were here to read his book, not act like rude little 9 year olds. Grow up!