Arrow -  A New Species Fanfiction (Wild at Heart Chronicles, Book 2)

Arrow - A New Species Fanfiction (Wild at Heart Chronicles, Book 2)

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J.D.L. Torre By JDLTorre Updated Sep 02, 2017

Desperate to escape the infatuations of a madman, Sophie Valentine relocates to a small town in Northern California determined to salvage the remnants of her fractured life. Left mute and broken as a child after the events of a tragic accident, Sophie knows better than anyone moving to the rural area will be more than a challenge for someone like her. The townspeople aren't interested in offering a job to a "cripple," and her new home not only looks potentially haunted but is in serious need of repair. To complicate matters further, Sophie discovers part of the land she purchased will be shared with one of Reservation's Wild Zone residents. A minor detail she is not made aware of, until the NSO comes knocking at her doorstep to offer her a warning about their disgruntled male.

Although frightened by the prospect of a neighbor who appears to be more beast than man, and one who harbors an obvious dislike for humans, she is assured the feline called Arrow is forbidden by Species Law from crossing into her "territory."

A law, unfortunately, he seems determined to break--- if it will convince her to move out for good.

Yet with each perilous encounter, Sophie gradually learns there is more to the male's savagery than meets the eye. A sliver of his humanity still remains intact beneath the ruthless animal Mercile conditioned him to be, and it is a connection she is as adamant to resist as he is.

But Species cannot refuse the bond for long.

Not without consequences.

And when a sinister threat from her past discovers her sanctuary, Sophie is uncertain which of the two predators she should fear most: a man driven by his disturbing obsession, or a beast who yearns to earn a place in her heart.

**Author's note**
All rights and original characters from the New Species series belong to the awesome Laurann Dohner.
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