I Won't Give Up - Phan

I Won't Give Up - Phan

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Katie By KatieLouiseS Completed

Phil was never accepted by anyone, life was a blur to him. He ran away from these troubles. But his attempt was cut short in a car crash, loosing his memory. A boy saved him that day. His name was Dan. They had fallen in love over the time from the accident till the unthinkable happened. Kidnap. Things turn upside down for the boys, but in the end - will they give up? or won’t they give up?   

TW: Self harm, abuse/bullying, suggestions of rape, attempted suicide, depression, minor character death (not Dan/Phil)

Also, don't be put off bc the long winded start - main plot kicks in around chapters 14/15.


YourSickTwistedSmile YourSickTwistedSmile Nov 25, 2016
Oh look. The letter my grading system skipped because we apparently don't like the letter 'e' but A-F (not E) is fine.
phn_shld_stp phn_shld_stp Apr 04, 2016
you like that katie? 
                              omg everyone is commenting that i just realized hahahaha
jesusisnotonfire jesusisnotonfire Oct 27, 2016
Well Katie, this very book right here, is the first phanfiction i read . ; - ;
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Yeah, ya like that Katie?
                              SORRY BUT I JUST HAD TO! My bestfriends name is Katie & I show her that all the time & she cringes all the time. cx
AestheticallyDying AestheticallyDying Aug 15, 2015
Aye I ain't no grammar police. Even if I tried I would fail so...
Gallifreyan_camper Gallifreyan_camper Jul 20, 2015
In New Zealand E is the highest
                              It goes from highest to lowest: E, M+, M, A+, A, NA+, NA