The year is 2041. Cybernetic implants enable the linking of man and machine like never before. These enhanced soldiers are called 'Cogs,' as in the term 'cogs in the machine.'
 Adrejan "Wr8th" Romero is cybernetically enmeshed with a hovertank he calls "Kate." When he is plugged in, Kate becomes an extension of his mind and body. The tank's sensor arrays are his eyes and ears, he thrills with the pulse of her engines, and feels the damage she receives. They act as one being-a lethal new lifeform on the modern battlefield.
 In the hellish chaos of war, Romero will discover his true calling.  If he can survive combat with his greatest enemy.
  Cover: Narcisse Navarre  -  Copyright 2017
  Cover Model:  Andrei Andrei

  • action
  • combat
  • cybernetics
  • cyborg
  • hovertank
  • military
  • near-future
  • science-fantasy
  • sciencefiction
  • scifi
  • shortstory
  • warfare
  • wattys2017
Are you sure you got the year right. Seems like this scenario is just round the corner. Please tell me there is more.
I loved it.i can picture the Wr8th connected to Kate. Can't wait for next chapter.
Im more of a south korea fan... but north korea isnt as bad as u knw who!
MarcMyWerdz MarcMyWerdz Jul 06
"shattered to dust"  hmmm.. I know pulverized to dust is cliche but shattered might not be the right word here..