The Wanderer in the Valley of Vision [Christian Poetry]

The Wanderer in the Valley of Vision [Christian Poetry]

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Bride&Warrior By 2Married4Ever Updated Jan 02

Because we live in a broken, fallen world, the feeling of wanderer is easy to come by. And the broken world does not necessarily become easier for the one who becomes God's child. You have probably had at least one season (if not multiple seasons) where you felt as a "wanderer". You live and walk through life moment by moment, day by day, year by year and yet find that you're not sure where you're headed and feel like you carry your cross and struggle with life, alone. Yet all of this must find its end at the feet of the redeeming hope of God's truth. For the Christian, this feeling is deeper because he knows that, despite the unknown and uncertain life and future that stretches before him, he is not really walking through life aimless, helpless and directionless but rather being led and guided by the unseen God; the Father in Heaven.

I have written this book to share with any and all those who feel like they're alone in their life and their walk after God. In my imperfect poetry and heart, I have sought to reflect and display this truth of God: That we have tangible hope (assurance) to have and hold in this life and keep us in our walk before Him.

If you have seen the path before you as uncertain...

If you have found yourself a lonely and struggling traveler through life...

Or have felt yourself like a leaf being carried by an unseen wind...

Then my book is for you.

So grasp the Father's tender hand and let Him lead you through the shadows and light of your life...through His valley of vision.