The Best Mistake I Ever Made (Cody Christian FanFiction)

The Best Mistake I Ever Made (Cody Christian FanFiction)

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Amy Lillian By AmyLillian22 Completed

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas... unless you wake up one morning married to one of the world's most famous actors and it's already all over social media.  What was supposed to be a fun week long vacation in Vegas for Y/N and her girlfriends, turned out to be her worst nightmare. 

After waking up with a hangover, Y/N finds out she's married to a stranger named Cody Christian. While trying to get herself out of this marriage, she finds out Cody is an actor, who hasn't been making great headlines lately. In order to get rid of his bad boy image and repair his good boy image, Y/N must stay married to Cody for a few months to show the world what a wonderful guy he is again.

The two couldn't be anymore different. He's a famous actor from LA, who loves to party. She's a med-student from Texas, who doesn't do relationships. While playing the role of his wife in the spotlight, things change between the two, but what happens when the line between real and fake starts to blur?

Warning: This book contains some mature content. At the beginning of  some chapters, you will have a warning description with some of the mature and triggering content that will be in the chapter.

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Oh my gosh same, but my fanfiction is on Dylan O'Brien. I'm thinking about putting it on Wattpad since it's already on Tumblr.
BookOfOne BookOfOne 4 days ago
May I ask a question? Why didn't you use a name for her? Like you could have given her a random name, and then let people imagine her as who they want. 
                              Anyways for me its Lia Smith :D
zeronix zeronix Jul 03
Oooh I hope you put up some really good pics or gifs of Cody at the tops like you did for this list of songs!
                              Im excited!!!
As soon as I read "You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at" I knew it was Joey! Joey does have a point though.