The Emperor's Feisty Bride

The Emperor's Feisty Bride

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MJ By edeline97 Updated Mar 31, 2016

A vicious conniving cunning man of an emperor falls for the fierce bandit of the west. One has a profound love for the other while the other despises the mere idea of it. The country has traitors, while a great war is about to take place. They escape to a foreign country to regain the kingdom.               

 A woman who pretends to be a man, and a man disguising as a woman. Where will their catastrophic journey lead them....  

P.S. This started out as a somewhat of an interpretation of the Manhua Hua Hua You Long 
But as I continued to write it I ended up changing the whole story after the first few chapters.

Yuki-Uchiha Yuki-Uchiha Jan 18, 2015
wait! so the bandit boss pretended to be a guy but was actually a girl and the emperor pretended to be a girl but was actually a guy? that is really confusing