Wings of fire: A Legend of Time (fan fiction)

Wings of fire: A Legend of Time (fan fiction)

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(**Currently in the process of being edited**) 
Set between books 4&5 and written only while book 4 was out, so please forgive any inaccuracies. 


Pyrrhia: a vast island divided between seven warring dragon tribes. Little do they know that the sightings of strange, tribe-less dragons that are so often dismissed as hallucinations or tricks of shadow aren't signs of insanity after all...

Not far from the coasts of Pyrrhia lies the land of Grinnen: a small, rocky island with snowy mountains, sandy dunes, heat-seared cliffs, volcanoes...and dragons. No, not SandWings, SkyWings, NightWings or any other Pyrrhian tribes...these are the tribes of Grinnen. 

The once peaceful land is in danger. A war is in the making after a prejudiced Queen, discovering her treasury raided, promptly accuses an innocent tribe of theft and launches an attack.

While fleeing for her life,  a young dragoness who has been given a special mission meets an unexpected ally, and together, they set off in search of a missing dragon. They find secrets buried deep underground, and discover that surviving on their own may not be as easy as they thought... 

The Wings of Fire series belongs to Tui T. Sutherland. This is only a fanfiction.

(Grinnen and its tribes are free to use, for anyone who is wondering.)

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So basically, TimeWings have the most AWESOME power and the most DESCRIPTION, so I'm guessing the MC is a SPECIAL TIMEWING
MelodyZMoon MelodyZMoon Mar 23
U should add this dragon to ur series
                              Small dragons with thick glass scales, they have black eyes. Their scales are sharp and pointy, like shard of glass. Their skin is visible through their scales.
                              (Idk :p)
naybe all tribes have magic, they just havent had the time to discover it?(other than animous poweres and nightwing powers)
                              though nightwings had some pretty serious science going on......
Also, desert. These aren't the things you eat after a meal, huh? :)
This reminds me of the blood dragons and elder dragons in Skyrim.
Sapphire646 Sapphire646 Feb 22
I love how creative you are! All of those dragons are very unique and creative.