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My Mate's Rejection

My Mate's Rejection

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dani1997 By dani1997 Completed

(BEING EDITED) Alana Loupe has just been rejected by her mate, Aidan Moonshine, Mr. Big-shot, soon to be Alpha of  the Moonshine Pack. Alana runs away and meets Luke, Alpha of the Wolfsbane Pack and joins his pack. When Rogues start attacking, two years later,  the Wolfsbane Pack is forced to join forces with another pack. But it's the last pack that Alana would EVER want to join. Now Alana has to deal with her Ex-Mate's jealousy and the Rogues. How fun. NOT! (Being edited)

Tabbypanda Tabbypanda Mar 29
That sounds like something all of my siblings would say to me😐😐😐😐 I think I need to evaluate our relationship.
PokemonEves PokemonEves Mar 18
We NEVER have the best view of ourselves, and people follow people. So if a group of people bully you do not listen. People hurt others to cover up themselves. The people who have the best view of you are they people who love you. For they see you cry, smilie, laugh, get angry and so much more.
Royter71203 Royter71203 Jun 12
I'd honestly be like "I hope your eyebrows fall if then a spoon is shoved so far up your âss that it comes out your mouth then you choke on a microwave BYE"
I would write something a bit more descriptive like 
                              I hope that you choke on a cactus 
                              I hope that you f*ck a cactus 
                              I hope that you live a pathetic miserable life with yourself 
__sarahsky __sarahsky Jun 10
You know I always being a bitch when it come to beauty cuz,I have people who say themself is ugly..Everyone is beautiful..Be grateful of what god have given to Imma is pretty ya know?
emliarad emliarad May 15
Why did she wrote 'I love you' to people treated her so bad?