Wild Girl ✔️

Wild Girl ✔️

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After the tragic death of her boyfriend, Rose flees to a cabin in the wild to mend her broken heart. It's there she meets Sebastian, her new neighbour with eyes like a black hole, and vast enough to hold thousands of secrets. She spends their short time together trying to unravel him, and healing her heart in the process. 

Featured on: November 13, 2017.
Completed on: May 10, 2018.
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luvaurora luvaurora May 07
Idk if I’m wrong but this is the wattpad version of your amazing story “Wild” 😭 & I loved it on episode so ik it’ll be good on here too❤️
realalexm realalexm Jun 16
When I hear of the name Rose and I remind of Rose from Titanic. But I love her as much as I love hearing of other Roses' stories  xD   I'm joking...as much as I love hearing of other characters' stories  :D
CatW2477 CatW2477 Aug 03
I love this sentence... lol I'm re-reading this awesome story because it holds such a powerful meaning of love.
thoriqafris thoriqafris Aug 22
i love this sentence ... lol i'm re-reading this awasome story because it holds such a powerful meaning of love!
- - Aug 01
And I can't help but feel like a bitch for reading about someone's pain...
dep1623 dep1623 Jul 25
That sounds really.........depressing or at least depressing enough to want to make me laugh 😂 (I’m not heartless tho)