Hollywood Politics {BoyxBoy}

Hollywood Politics {BoyxBoy}

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Madeleine Wrangell By beautiful_and_damned Completed


How do you keep a secret in Hollywood? 

Actor Max Stark, and Singer Ryan Connors know, they have been keeping their relationship a secret for over a year. 

Max is the bad boy, a serial dater, who has been dubbed 'The Hollywood Heartbreaker'. His world consists of dates with beautiful women and guest spots on television shows, but when no one is watching, he lets his walls down, and becomes the sweet guy who had always dreamed of a white picket fence type of life. 

Ryan is 'The Good Boy', who sings sweet love songs and hides his colourful personality behind endearing smiles and empty gestures. His relationship with Actress Claudia Grey allowed him to rise to the top, yet 'The Golden Couple' is anything but. He doesn't let people in easily and years of being told that the real him isn't enough to get to the top, have taken their toll. 

To the rest of the world, these boys don't even know each other, so when one of them wants to come clean and go public, what will happen?

Will their relationship survive the obstacles or will the politics of Hollywood get the best of them?

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chelseyab chelseyab Oct 16, 2017
I started reading this back when it only had like 9 chapters and i decided to wait until it was finished to start reading again and the day is here!!! Im so excited
the_wizard_tinkermoo the_wizard_tinkermoo May 31, 2017
Poor snake. Should just run the woman over instead. Straight up bowl her over. More efficient that way.
JustTonight19 JustTonight19 Apr 26, 2017
"I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding"
                              Anyone else realize that term is literally in every book, like, ever?
TAYLOR! kidding, I like Taylor Swift , Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian
Baker2Reader Baker2Reader Jun 06, 2017
I reread the first part over and over again...and I didn't understand why I kept rereading it....then finally it hit me....welp
i_stg_emily i_stg_emily Mar 06, 2017
This is my first story I've ever reread! Goodness I love it.