Attention || Future Watty's

Attention || Future Watty's

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"How am I supposed to get his attention anyways? I've tried for years and nothing happened between us."

"I mean, you've caught my attention..."


Cydnee Annesley. A girl that was known to be an outcast in school. Glasses with a high ponytail and geeky clothing, not having many friends, but was one of the smartest pupils in the entire Board of Education in Kansas. Now she was an average, young, beautiful woman. Fresh out of Harvard, living in a nice apartment with her best friend, Peter Bryson, living across from her, and she had gotten a job as her bosses' secretary, with a very satisfying salary, at a very well-known company called Devine Ligne in New York City.

The only catch about the job was that Cydnee was head-over-heels for her boss, Mr. Volkov. Jedrek Volkov. The Russian man was a dashing, young fellow. He was also a very powerful man as well. His father had once owned the company that he now presently owns. He's always been seen as every girl's -or gay guy's- wet dream and every guy wished he was him even during his high school times. Shockingly enough, they both used to go to each other's high schools. In fact, she had been crushing on him since high school. It was a great shock to her to find out that she was working for the guy she was in love with.

Cydnee had enough of being seen as an approachable person. She wanted Jedrek Volkov, badly. But she wasn't just going to throw herself at him, no. 

Because -of course- if you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done...


Cover by Author-Chan


Probably might be a cliché story with a plot twist but all well hehehe

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