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Jennyfromtheblokkk By JennyButterworth Updated Aug 11

When a young expectant mother's life is suddenly  shaken upside down, how will she survive? 
When a virus spreads throughout the earth and threatens the earths population, Scarlet flees to the Scottish Highlands with her Mother, Caught up In a fight for her life Scarlet faces dangers no mother should when her world changes forever.

How will humanity react and build a future, if that's even possible? 

who is responsible?

Authors note: I will go back at some point and edit....
I will update once a week or more depending on how much I get done.

Also there are British slang words so I hope you all understand them.

Hope you enjoy reading, feel free to comment or vote 😃

credit for book cover Ms_Book_worm

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I agree with everyone that your first chapter dives right in and sets up a good tense scenario. I might break the chapter earlier when her mom tells her to get out. Then you could start chapter 2  with Scarlett's refusal. Cutting like that would end with more drama. Just a thought.
Why did the nurse change her mind? What's her attitude toward changing it?
@LRandomStuff I know 😳🤔 poor mum 😂 thanks for reading and commenting 👍😁
Thanks @MissSpel I will 😁. I wish it would remind me 😂
When you intro a new character I would suggest adding 1-2 sentences about how they look. I'm not sure what Rachel or the neighbor earlier looked like.
This was an intense first chapter. I really enjoyed it!!! ❤❤