My Soulmate From Another Dimension /under editing/

My Soulmate From Another Dimension /under editing/

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TotalyNotHereAnymoreLOL By WarriorShipper Completed

What if the one you were chasing, the one you thought was the one, the one who you have been dreaming of... left you? 

Marco, was also left by his dream girl, Jackie Lynn Thomas. 

Star, on the other hand, try to comfort him. 

Ever since that, Marco has been scared for finding another love, and is more cautious on picking his new beloved. 

But why wouldn't he notice that the 'beloved'  he was searching, his soulmate and his one and only, was right beside him all the time? 

"Marco, I will always be here for you okay?" 

"Just you wait. I will find her." 


Star is seventeen and Marco is 18 in this fanfiction. I hope you enjoy my garbage!!