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The Not So Sad Rejection

The Not So Sad Rejection

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Brittany Fisher By SeeBritFisher Completed

Book 1 in the Rogue War series.

Life has a way of yanking the rug from beneath one's feet. Katrina knows that better than most, after being rejected by her mate, other half, on her sixteenth birthday she was no longer trusted by the pack she'd considered family. Katrina, certain that her childhood home held no future for her, set out to find a new life. She quickly becomes the Beta, the second in command of a new pack far from where she came from and forms a new family and is known as Kate. Years passed before she was forced to go back to the pack she'd left behind.
Kate is suddenly face to face with the man who'd rejected her so long ago and the people who turned their backs on her over his decision. She's forced to face the family and best friend she thought she'd never see again.
But she won't be left long to deal with the damage her decision had left before her life is thrown into a spiral of betrayal, death, revenge, and the realization of an impending war between wolves that were part of a pack and the growing band of Rogue wolves.
Highest Rank: #106 Werewolf

I'm just so happy that she's 24 and not 18. She's actually old enough to be where she's at. Hopefully there's not white wolf- hybrid-moon goddess-prophecy and then this'll be perfect.
LakiaMafila LakiaMafila Feb 24
I've taught you so well. *Wipes fake tear*
                              (even tho I've never met you XD))
LakiaMafila LakiaMafila Feb 24
                              (No offense to Trump supporters)
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ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Sep 22, 2016
Grasshole!! Jerk wad!!! Son of a biscuit!!! BUTTHEAD!!! 
                              Yup. That's the word. He's such a BUTTHEAD!!
name_s_aphrodisiac name_s_aphrodisiac Jan 14, 2016
Damn that name... You just bullshat through that... But it's cool