Sinful Love (GxG)

Sinful Love (GxG)

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Musicholic By Musicholic Updated Nov 18, 2018

Delectable cover by: @ Antionicha

I spin around on her desk chair forgetting about her appearance as I say, "Im dead serious. He even labeled himself your stalker." I wish I could show her the letter.

"What makes you say it's a he? It might be a she."

"As plain as I am, I'm even surprised I have one."

Sneak peek:
She wriggles her feet in the shoes, and puts her bandaged hand on my chin.... and lifts my chin so I see the goddess. 

...... Her blond hair is pulled up in a high ponytail. My eyes do a slow scan of her body, a red tank top with a black skirt that actually shows off her devilishly long legs- I think there's a tattoo on her left calf?- and her blood red converses. 

She spins around in the outfit confidently, "Like something you see?" She arrogantly says with a smirk playing on her red shaded lips. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, looking away.

The person who gave me idea: ShadowCheeseCake
Original story: Possessive Love 
New story: Sinful Love 
Cover by: Queenturner505 

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