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Guns, Games, and Mutual Appreciation ~ A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction {Book I}

Guns, Games, and Mutual Appreciation ~ A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction {Book I}

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Queen Hudson. By Shememmy Updated Jan 26, 2014

"My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know." ~Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.

Sherlock Holmes is a man of impenetrable coolness; logic rules over empathy, and reason underpins all actions. Millie Shon, a budding detective, is a woman who wants nothing more than to excel in analysis and reach the pinnacle of her career.

In a whirlwind of deductions, competition and an array of unprecedented emotions, the incorrigible Mr Holmes begins to question the very sagacity he built his life around.

Il n'y a pas de fumée sans feu.

{The sequel to GGMA is now up: Side of The Angels}

randombros randombros Sep 05, 2016
should i do my homework or reread this entire series..... i think the answer is obvious
                              I'm so excited (nervous) I haven't reread this is forever
nefariious nefariious Jan 02
oh my gosh old Millie was so small and precious she's changed so much
fayzzee fayzzee Feb 16
I love this book already. I love millie she is so awesome and a lot like Sherlock!
Nathalie_95 Nathalie_95 May 15, 2016
I love how she is feeling, if that makes sense. Like she normally has no problem 'reading' people and now she can't fully read him. And he probably has the same problem with her. 
                              But I was only wondering why she didn't expect him to behave at least a little hostile towards her?
randombros randombros Sep 05, 2016
oh my god the introduction of millie,, totally forgot this is making me smile but also im so scared i totally forget what happens in this book 😂
emsduvals emsduvals Jan 16
I've just finished the season 4 final. I'm suffering from post season depression. so here I am to re read. I'll see the light in a few days.