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«you don't deserve to be fighting. you're slaughtering us all, people who used to be our friends. how does it make you feel, knowing your a monster?»

«is that what you think i am? a monster?»

«no, clarissa. i am far from a monster. if anything, i'm just a familiar voice whispering in your mind.»

«i think we both know that.»


//Brady Akiyama joined the army for a single reason. To slaughter as many demons as he could to avenge his family. It didn't even matter if they were taken over by a virus or not. He would still kill them. He knew very little about weaponry and training and such, but even he found it odd that a girl who seemed fragile and sweet would have the highest rank in the squad. Maybe there's more to Clarissa than meets the eye.//

•grim dark, not a fantasy, but it was more fantasy than horror so we're going with fantasy•
•this story is very cluttered, but if you don't mind that, then enjoy!•