Sam and Cat  [UPDATED 6-12-16] (Lesbian/Bi Story)(Completed)

Sam and Cat [UPDATED 6-12-16] (Lesbian/Bi Story)(Completed)

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*BEFORE YOU READ, KNOW THIS IS A STRUGGLE BETWEEN 1RST AND 3RD PERSON. THIS IS OFFICIALLY 1RST PERSON. THIS WAS ONE OF THE FIRST STORIES I MADE ON WATTPAD, so it's not the best. That being said, thanks so much for all the views, comments, and votes. Everything is highly appreciated! <3. This story was posted years ago, I edited every chapter on 6-11-16.*

 This is my version of Sam and Cat. They're both bisexual in this story. A lot of people love Sam and Cat, including me, so I decided to write this. I was also inspired to write this story. I hope it will be interesting for you. Sam and Cat are both 18.

!!! Please Read Below!!!

This story has came to an end on 6-12-16, due to loss of inspiration. The show was really fun to look at and gave me many ideas for this story, but the show only lasted a little bit over a year until it's final episode. After that, I've been loosing inspiration to write this story since I don't watch it because it doesn't air on TV anymore. Sorry for the people who read this story and wanted more of it. I will be posting other stories soon.