Scattered Love (Kid x Soul x Black Star x reader)

Scattered Love (Kid x Soul x Black Star x reader)

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Juliette Ramsay By QueeenOfHeearts Updated Apr 23, 2015

Soul Eater fanfiction.

You're Maka's long lost sister.

After the boys in Maka's life fall for you, hard, you have to choose which one to love and which two you have to beak their heart.

Scattered Love.

It's your choice.

    *reads comments*
                                  *how I wanna be*
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    I need to chill I know comments, but I said he was hot did you notice that
    _CherryLion101_ _CherryLion101_ Sep 28, 2016
                                  *hits Kid right on the head*
                                  Don't lick my ears, creep! XD
    Nathy_s_Hubby Nathy_s_Hubby Dec 23, 2016
    Everyone is like "eww!!" I'm just here like "you'll be licking other things later (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
                                  *ninjas my way out of the situation*
                                  haha. nope 
                                  *smoke bomb *
    kiwic24 kiwic24 Sep 21, 2016
    Best explanation of siblings EVER 😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏