One Look My Way (#1 - Eternal Love Series)

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Born in 1905, Alabama is baby number 10 of a large family. She learns about life, and especially love, when she meets Jackson Marshall: a too good-looking widower who has inherited his deceased wife's property. They have some ups and downs, and fight the challenges of the Great Depression. 
    Author's notes:
    I do not describe Alabama's features. I leave that up to the reader to decide what she looks like.
Marie I always LOVE READING YOUR BOOKS,U make us readers feel as though we're there with the Characters, n another reason I Love reading your stories cuz God is always n the Mist of the Books .
I am from Mississippi so we will see what happens in that respect. Anyway I think you are off to a good start
whoa..deja totally seems that I've read ur book before or something similar to it where the children are named after southern this book on anywhere else where I might have read it?if not I think I dreamed about this book before reading it. na neh neh na
Thank you, you handled a very sensitive subject with grace.  I was hesitant to read this story at first, but I am very happy that I listened to heart and read on.  Great job so far
Love the naming here. I'm from Florida (born and raised) so I'll be looking out for Lori in this.
That captures me and keeps my interest is the historical details and time setting :) You doing amazing job with that !