The Fiery Alpha

The Fiery Alpha

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The Fiery Alpha (a.k.a A Change of Heart)

4 years ago, Jayden's mate Cassidy was found dead and her dead body was lying casually on the road. Unable to find any clues, the human court basically just deemed the case as a simple car accident. Losing his mate has caused a change in Jayden. His family and friends tried so hard to stop him from ending his own life. And now, he has become a strict and hot-tempered Alpha.

Madelynn has a weak heart since the day she was born. 4 years ago, she is lucky to get a heart transplant when she is on the verge of dying. She decided to move to a new town and start a brand new life with her heart. She always feels that there is something missing in her life. She feels empty inside. However, she simply shrugs it off by thinking that it's just her body adjusting to the new heart.

4 years later, what happens when Madelynn and Jayden crossed paths?

Miracles do happen in life. However, it is believed that it will only happen once. When this miracle falls on both Jayden and Madelynn, giving them a second chance in life, will they be able to grab hold of it or will they miss the second chance?

What happens when it is revealed that Cassidy's death is not a pure accident but it was caused by a secret council? What is the intention of the creation of this secret council? What is their motive? What happens when they started targeting the Red Blood Pack and harm their pack members?

What will happen between Jayden and Madelynn? Will the love between them ever bloom? Will they be able to save the pack or the pack will fall apart? Read on to find out! The Fiery Alpha a.k.a A Change of Heart.

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KimTracey KimTracey Mar 06, 2015
I'm here can not wait to read more I love the sound of the plot