[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- The Shadow of Justice (Completed*)

[Legend of the Five Knights 2]- The Shadow of Justice (Completed*)

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Gustavo J. By ImperialSun Updated a day ago

Zionia starts to recuperate following the 'Battle of Grand Crater'. The war itself however won't be an easy one to win as Abyssia's attempts to drag the various realms into its dark depths intensify.
Meanwhile he readies for the next battles ahead, Tetsuya finds himself with secrets floating around him. Secrets about his Father's bloodline and about the true nature of the so called 'Holy Weapons' he and the other four knights wield. What will he discover? Will he even want to know once he does?
Then there's the strange boy who bares a resemblance to his cousin, Serrano... A young man whose actions will determine the fate of the multi-verse.
  The Legend of the Knight of the Shield and of the other four knights only gets more complex from here. Will the five knights be able to overcome the piling up issues as well as their own personal animosities to bring order to an increasingly chaotic time?

*Complete but I might still add some bonus content at some later date.
  Highest Rank thus far: #217 in Action (1/19/18)
#331 in Mystery/Thriller  (10/12/17)

All rights reserved (except for cover). Cover was put together by my good friend @AventaDoodlez

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